I'm a lucky girl

My parents sent me a new fancy camera for my birthday this year, and I've been trying to document life better with pictures. In sorting through pictures for this much-overdue post, I realized again how lovely my life is. I try not to be the type of person who spoils every memorable moment by pulling out a camera, but I'm trying to carefully select those moments, because they help me remember. I wish I were better at keeping a written record of my life, but I'm not. Maybe that will change, but until then, I'll take more pictures.

 This day I'll remember as the day we met the House of Prime Rib. (Thanks, Svetlana!)

 This was the day The Great Gnocchi Board Mystery was solved. (Thanks, Maximoffs!)

 This was the day I made cookies to thank someone who relieved a LOT of stress. 

 These are zucchinis and peppers, and a hand that helps tend them. 

These calla lilies were a total surprise. The first spring in a new house was like a long-lasting Christmas, full of presents every few days. I wish you could see how huge these were.

Josh and I spent a few hours climbing these rocks on a gloriously warm day in July.

This summer, there has been cake, and I think about 28% of our summer grocery budget has gone toward berries.

There were homemade calzones and tomato sauce, with roasted eggplant, zucchini, and mushrooms; roasted peppers & onions. This was on a Wednesday, when I said, "Take THAT, Nigella!" 

Every time I see Mt. Rainier, I am impressed. Sometimes I audibly gasp, sometimes I clap. I was especially excited to see it on this day, because it meant I was on my way to see this girl:

You see, I MISS her. She is getting married to a truly wonderful man VERY SOON, and they have the kind of love that makes you want to wish it upon other people. I'm still learning how to love, but I did nail this flower-making thing:

After a beautiful flight back, I came home to great garden surprises.

I'm a lucky girl. Life is about to get even better, because my family is coming to visit us. I am giddy--I've made at least six lists. You can bet there will be cake.


  1. Yay for more pictures!

    You can ship me cake from WA->VA anytime!!!

  2. Love all of these pictures and stories! More!


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