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Traveling with little ones

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means Christmas is coming soon! If you're traveling for the holidays, I'm guessing you already have your tickets booked, but if you're traveling with a little one, don't pack your bags before you read my tips to keep your tiny traveler busy and happy on the plane.
I've been flying cross-country with K since she was about six months old. She's always been a great traveler; she doesn't sleep quite as much as she used to, though, so I've had to get a little resourceful with our in-flight entertainment. I've put all my tips together, but give them a read and pick what's appropriate for your kiddo.
Pack lots of small, itty bitty snacks (rice puffs, Cheerios, goldfish crackers, marshmallow bits, dried fruit) in Ziploc bento boxes like these. I find it easier to pack several snacks together so they can choose. I also like to, um, decant? the snacks in one of these snack cups, especially if the child is an in…

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