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Things I Can't Shut Up About

Choose happy.
Lately, these words keep running through my head, sometimes deliberately--they're kind of a mantra for me right now--and sometimes surreptitiously. I've been focusing on my nears and dears, the things that are most important and the closest to reach, because that's what's been paying the biggest dividends.

I'm pretty happy overall, and I want you to be happy too. If you see me or talk to me in regular life, you've probably heard me gush about these things already, but I'm sharing all of my current favorite things with you, so that maybe my happy can be your happy too.
In the kitchen Le Creuset Everyday Pan - I know: "Everyday Pan" is quite the self-important title, but honestly, it's the pan I reach for the most. (Not every day, though, because hot dogs don't require this sort of firepower.) I've been doing a lot of skillet dinners lately, and this pan is amazing. It's big enough, deep enough, (and gosh darn it, people…

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